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allex DRIVE

+ Multi-project management

+ Overview of all projects

Project Platform Connect

 + SaaS collaboration tool

+ Schedule management for all levels, from beginner to expert

allex Resources

+ Maintain an overview of all resources

+ Easy to use

allex Board

+ Agile task management

+ Focused way of working

Software to accelerate your project work

  • Puts the process in the foreground
  • Maintains a comprehensive project overview
  • Establishes a clear sequence for all
  • Supports agile & critical chain project management (CCPM)
Resources Logo
  • Overview of employees and resources
  • Interactive planning
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Adherence to budgets
  • SaaS collaboration tool
  • Intuitive scheduling
  • Suitable for all projects, from straightforward to complex
  • Cooperation without borders
allex Board inside the Tool
allex Board logo
  • Kanban & task management
  • Focused work


"Resources is the best software we've introduced so far. Employees can be easily allocated to projects. Service orders are clearly displayed on the assembly board."
Klaus Mönnich
Group Head of Assembly,
Broetje- Automation GmbH
"As a project specialist, Connect helps us to create transparency, communication and rhythm in our own company."
Dr. Andreas Lohner
Managing Director,
[bu:st] GmbH
"Now, all employees have a transparent overview of the project sequence and the order status of individual projects - currently and for the upcoming period."
Werner Schehler
Head of Project Management,
GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH