Shaping the future with open and honest projects

During their 8th Innovation Forum on 8 October 2018 in Kornwestheim, Actano and IPO.Plan offered over a hundred planners, IT managers and decision-makers from the industry an interesting platform of workshops, discussions, training courses and round-table discussions. In the immediate realm of leading automobile manufacturers, everything revolved around future forms of cooperation for large and small-scale industrial projects. The aim here must be to create structures where employees aren’t only available and focused, but also have a basis on which information for logistical and project planning is available at all times.

KORNWESTHEIM, mid-October (tt). Already at the opening of the event, the visitors experienced the fruitful interaction of Actano GmbH (Munich) and IPO.Plan GmbH (Leonberg) within Actano Holding during the welcoming speech by CEO Holger Lörz and Matthias Kellermann. During IPO. Plan stands for leading software solutions for factory and logistics planning, Actano develops applications for project planning on a continuous software platform and, from this perspective, introduces new forms and possibilities of cooperation. This leads to a noticeable cooperative atmosphere – but also to common products like the software RxD for project management with integrated 3D visualization or a virtual RxD collaboration room – the update of the video conference in 3D. Peter Derendinger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Actano Holding, drew attention to two other important innovations in a brief review last year: “We would never have dreamed that today we could present solutions for planning flexible manufacturing cells and for project communication with Workstreams. The enormous efficiency potential that these developments open up was made clear in presentations and workshops.

In his introductory speech, Holger Lörz took the changes in the world of work as his starting point: In multitasking, employees would have to work on several projects at the same time. In addition, the complexity of the projects in the industrial environment is constantly increasing. Over the past five years, the cost of project organisation has therefore risen by 50 percent. “Successful work on complex projects, such as in the industry 4.0 environment, therefore also requires project planning 4.0,” the CEO summarized the trend. “To do this, all the necessary data must be available at all times and in a focused form at a single location,” he demanded and added: “With clear information, upcoming decisions regarding time, quality and budget can be made quickly and reliably. Project work on a common database, however, requires a new project culture: We want to shape the future with open and honest projects,” emphasized the expert for project work.

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