Project platform for cooperation 4.0

Holger Lörz, Munich, Germany

The realisation of industry 4.0 and the digitalisation of processes will (further) fundamentally change our working world. How can project-related cooperation between internal employees, freelancers, customers and suppliers be organized effectively and efficiently in the future? As a provider of the leading RPLAN software for project planning, Actano has developed a platform that can meet many different requirements for the distributed, flexible project work of the future in a novel way.

The industrial working world is changing at a rapid pace. Flat hierarchies and autonomous teams, agile methods and location-independent work with higher mobility are the current trends. Digitalization will further increase the speed of communication and cooperation. Industry 4.0 initiatives and the Internet of Things (loT) are leading to the general availability of a large amount of data – across development, production and the entire enterprise. Irrespective of individual industries, trends towards flat hierarchies and location-independent work with higher mobility can be identified.

This has numerous effects on the type of animal cooperation and the organisation of projects. Efficient communication and cooperation between all parties involved, beyond the boundaries of teams, divisions and companies, is becoming more important than ever. More than ever before, employees are being asked by different sides to work on numerous tasks in parallel. The optimal use of resources and the correct sequence of processing become an important success factor.

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