Intelligent staggering of projects

It’s helpful for your Sales and Marketing Department to receive information from the project management team about when larger projects will be ready for starting. It’s equally as important to recognize the consequences for existing projects when a new project is slotted into the queue. allex DRIVE lets you visualize projects and scenarios in a simple and transparent way. It can also produce a scenario for your sales and marketing team to share with your customer. 

Pure Simplicity: All Projects Visible at the Click of a Button

Thanks to project management via buffer consumption and progress along the critical chain, the status of a project can be displayed at any time on a multi-project graph. Graphs can be customized to display all projects, all projects within a department or the progress of an individual project.

Which projects require people? allex DRIVE makes it clear

From the early stages of a project, allex DRIVE makes clear whether resources are being used in the right place or whether other projects require them more urgently. If two projects are in the same phase and require the same resources, the sharing of these resources can easily be facilitated – allex DRIVE removes the need for lengthy discussions.

Revenue and Costs At a Glance

The budget and expenditure monitoring module assists in project portfolio management by allowing you to keep the revenue, throughput and costs of your projects constantly in sight. The throughput and margin of each project is tracked automatically to enable you to react early in the event of deviations from your expected figures. Optional interfaces to other IT systems mean that data must never be entered twice.

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