allex DRIVE supports Critical Chain Multi-Project Management (CCPM)

Critical chain is a new kind of project management. Based on the “Theory of Constraints” paradigm and usable to great effect in a wide range of projects, it promises a 30% reduction in project duration as compared to conventional project management techniques. Rather than focusing on a particular method, CCPM is much more about the manner in which cooperation is carried out. This kind of cooperation is completely supported by allex DRIVE.

Project statuses made transparent

CCPM uses buffer consumption and progress along the critical chain to represent the overall project status. This gives you a clear view of whether the project is on schedule – right from the earliest stages. You can choose to perform analyses for individual projects or for the entire project portfolio.

Scenario technique for new projects and project staggering

 Whenever a new project is planned, a scenario is created in allex DRIVE and a time window for completion of the project is determined in accordance with the staggering of projects around resource bottlenecks. The manual staggering process takes into account the existing portfolio and available capacity.

Multi-project graphs and gantt charts

allex DRIVE supports all types of analyses required for CCPM. Project status is represented in the multi-project graph, which displays projects in either the red, green or yellow area according to project progress. Users can also choose to create a Gantt chart with or without supply chains for each project. If required, the integration buffer before the bottleneck can also be shown.

Support for getting started with CCPM

Our textbook Critical Chain: Beschleunigen Sie Ihr Projektmanagement (“Critical Chain: Fast-Track Your Project Management”, currently only available in German) helps you make the switch to CCPM. Need more extensive support? Experienced change management coaches from allex PROJECTS, are specialists in the introduction and implementation of critical chain projects and will be happy to advise you on the methodical implementation of CCPM in your firm.