Capacity Management Made Easy!

It’s what every company wants – a strategic and medium-term capacity forecast with simultaneous representation of current resource allocation. Hiring of specialists, shifting priorities, vacation time and holidays can all throw a wrench in the works – as can the numerous Excel lists that departments currently keep for these purposes. How much better could things look with allex DRIVE?

Adjusts automatically to changes

Capacity data is added to allex DRIVE during the planning stage and is subsequently updated automatically on the basis of feedback from team leaders or work package managers. No further manual updates are required. Project delays and plan changes are accounted for. If a project phase is postponed, all deadlines and capacities for the subsequent phases are updated accordingly.

A strategic perspective for management, a functional one for departmental managers and team leaders

How’s your project workload for the next six months? Can you take on more assignments? Use allex DRIVE’s strategic capacity planning to answer these questions and more. Planning accounts for all already-started, planned and scenario projects.

Daily or Weekly Resource Planning

allex DRIVE enables the planning of resources on a daily or weekly basis, allowing managers and team leaders to see whether employees are absent (training, vacation), assigned to a project or currently available. If a project gets delayed, targets are updated automatically – a sophisticated and proven-in-practice system.

Flexible Assignment of Resources

allex DRIVE enables the flexible assignment of resources to project phases or supply chains.  The assembly team, for example, may be required on-site at the customer’s location during the actual assembly phase, the disassembly and the assembly. In order to save time when creating new projects, templates with “standard capacities” can be created.

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